Local Missions/Volunteer Opportunities

Hospitality Crew:

“If you are more fortunate than others, it’s better to build a longer table than a taller fence.”

Duties include: Coordinating Sunday morning snacks, first Sunday lunches, church picnics, and other special events as needed, working with Administrative Assistant to maintain kitchen supplies, helping to maintain a clean kitchen/food facility

The hospitality crew exists to promote a welcoming environment of fellowship at Summit View. The meals we share together merely provide an avenue to the depth of community we seek. When we eat together, we are active participants in the creation story, enjoying God’s gift of the earth’s bounty and as image-bearers of God, we follow his commandment by creating as He created.

As one of our most primitive needs, eating breaks down barriers. It opens the door  for  conversation and invites people to stay. It, appropriately, makes a church feel more like a home.

But most importantly, we eat together because that’s what Jesus did. From his first miracle to his last night on earth, Jesus ate with his people. As Jesus broke bread with his followers, he symbolized the breaking of his body. When we eat together, we remember this. We come to the table and are broken together, and, through Christ, we are nourished together.