What to Expect

When you attend Summit View Church for the first time, expect a warm welcome. We are all seekers of The Word and we are here at Summit View for one another. There are a number of reasons a family decides to come to a new church—maybe you want to explore a deeper personal spirituality or want your children to understand that there are things in life bigger than their daily concerns. Whatever your reason for joining us at Summit View, know that the Christian values that are important to you are treasured by our members as well. We want you to come to our church to experience a solid, God-felt worship experience.

Summit View Brethren in Christ Sunday SchoolChildren Are Important

Summit View and its children's staff understand the challenges of today's culture. Many are parents themselves and work to present a moral compass that will help guide your children through the many difficult times of life. For your peace of mind, all individuals serving in our Children's Ministry have been attending for more than 6 months and have passed state-required background checks.

Worship Service Summit View Brethren in ChristOur Worship Service

Don't feel the need to dress up for us, although you're welcome to wear your Sunday best if that's how you are most comfortable. Our time in worship is focusing on God and not about ourselves. The worship service is contemporary in style and includes Scripture reading, a sermon, and a variety of music that appeals to young and old alike.

Summit View Brethren in Christ PennsylvaniaConnected Community

Our Sunday School classes begin at 9:00 am and are a great way to get involved with the Summit View community. Get further involved by joining one of our Care Groups that are held throughout the week. These groups meet according to the desires of their members and cover a variety of different topics that are relevant to daily life.