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Even with the busyness of everyday life, it can feel like something is missing. No matter where you are—with friends and family, at work or at school—a small piece of your life seems to resist true happiness.

A Biblically Based Community

In the instability of today's world, you need to know that there is one place where you will be truly accepted just as you are. At Summit View, we recognize the challenges of life and together are looking for ways to deepen our understanding of the Word of God and our connection to each other. Our solid Christian values and strong moral compass can help provide you and your family with the anchor you all need in a chaotic world.

Summit View Brethren in Christ Sunday ServiceCome Join Us!

If you are looking for a true community with a deep river of faith, join us this Sunday morning at 9:30 am to explore the story of God's love and how we can apply His teachings to today's world. Enrich your life and that of your family with the spiritual relationships you have been missing; find the home and church family that you have been looking for at Summit View.


Summit View Sunday WorshipService-Oriented Faith

Find ways to spread your faith into the world when you engage directly with our many opportunities for service in the community. Church isn’t perfect, but it does have to be real. The Brethren in Christ values will provide you with the service-oriented faith opportunities that you have been craving.

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Todd's Tidbit's

Welcome to our NEW Web site! Here at Summit View we have been reading and studying together the book by Tim Keller "The Prodigal God". This week, Dale Reber will be discussing the redemption of the younger son ... here we see how the religious leaders of the day would have seen the father's forgiveness as reckless and even "enabling" to use a word from today! Yet isn't this what God does for you and me everyday through the redemptive blood of Jesus. I hope you are enjoying the book if you are a part of this study. If you are not, do not hesitate to come out and join us at any time, we would love to have you!!